Friday, November 19, 2004

As Long As We Got Each Other...

... this shall continue to tickle me.

Sucks that I went 10 for 10 on the Ten Commandments quizzola (in the worst way possible, mind you).

Although something (Someone, perhaps... and I ain't talkin' Mike Seaver) tells me that the way it was set up, everyone who takes the test is supposed to bat a thousand.

No, really?

That's crafty, Kirk... and isn't craftiness dangerously close to lying?

Or stealing our innocence?

Or angering... well, me? Which is supposedly commensurate with murder???

Ah, well. Perhaps I'll just turn the other cheek on this one.


Dave's most recently played iTunes:

stephen malkmus - malediction (live)
fountains of wayne - hat and feet
r.e.m. w/ andy kaufman (sorta) - this friendly world
smashing pumpkins - luna
paul westerberg - baby learns to crawl

and, as a bonus for you, Constant Reader:

the's - woo hoo

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