Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Where Is My Mind

Where in the hell have I been? I couldn't begin to say, really. These past two weeks or so have been a blur, with work picking up a little bit in a late December rush, of sorts, and Abby going from one job to the next. She's supposed to start Monday, but... we'll just see. My spidey-sense isn't tingling, not quite, but her perpetual "something's gonna happen, I know it, you'll see" is getting the better of me.

I'm reading the new/old Yann Martel collection, and it makes me wish that everyone wrote so clearly, so lucidly. Especially those people whom I work with... clients, not co-workers, mind you.


Joan just gave us an elliptical. Very, very nice of her. We'd been in the market to buy until we saw in the most recent Consumer Reports that they (a) cost between $1-2,000, and (b) are slightly more trustworthy than the garden-variety Yugo.

So it comes to pass that she was getting rid of her old one, for no real reason. And so for no real reason, we took it off her hands. Who knows if we'll use it, but it's a freebie.

And it's one of those "as seen on TV" models... so I am a bit wary, lest a leg fall off. Mine, the machine's, whatever. Note to self: be very, very careful.


Pitchfork just gave "Funeral" its #1 ranking for the year. No surprise; richly deserved.


Why do I refuse to do my expenses, for tax time? Maybe b/c it's 4 months away?


Looking forward to seeing Abby and the family up in CT this weekend... usually, it's a bit of a chore-- the drive more than anything else-- but I really miss her right now, and things have been great with her parents as of late.

Not that they've ever been bad, for the record.

Yeah, I really miss her. Were I to tell her that, mind, she'd stick her tongue out at me, make a weird noise, walk with knees akimbo, who knows... but she'd hardly accept it.

I wish that she would.


christmas edition:

ben folds - bizarre christmas incident
belle & sebastian - santa claus, go straight to the ghetto
sufjan stevens - o holy night
coldplay - 2000 miles (pretenders cover)
beck - the little drum machine boy

Monday, December 06, 2004

I Love You Cause I Have To

If the connection goes down one more time, I am going to scream.


Hi there. Title of this thread is just the sauciest of songs. It gets in your head, it does a little jig, it makes you feel happy... and then it makes you sad... sad that Andy Partridge has never had more success than what limited, phobia-induced success he's had. Because this song is entirely indebted to XTC, just as the Futureheads' "Robot" is a complete Jam-a-thon.

Sometimes, you can have more music than you know what to do with, and be dismayed at having 10s of gigs of stuff... knowing that 90% of it is shite. Then a song like this comes along, to make it all better.


The weekend was here, I had a cup of beer... or several. Adams, Teso and Hunt at Ramparts for a full session of football. May have been too much. Even though the Patsies, Bills and Eagles just throttled everyone in sight... smoking'll KILL YA!!! We came home smelling the wrong side of the ashtray, and pretty much the worse for wear, even apart from the odor. I had Andy and Abby drive me home. No shame in that... but a decent indication of a day well done.

Andy had Coke all day.


Job continues to go well, but I might need to re-up with NetZero, just in case I have another day like this. Working from home, when something goes wrong? It's like being stranded on a desert isle.


Abby is still watching CSI from front-to-back, but I'm detecting signs of fatigue. Perhaps her next trend/obsession is just around the corner... the smart money is on TLC or the Discovery Channel, though the Food Channel offers some wonderful dark horses.

negativeland - the letter U and the number 2
fiery furnaces - straight street
dogs die in hot cars - pastimes and lifestyles (look at me, with the bait-n-switch!)
martin gore - in a manner of speaking
queen - the show must go on (find a more depressing song... i dare ya)