Monday, January 31, 2005

Sunday Night, 9:30 Club

Goes into the all-time pantheon. I won't give it a review, but perhaps I'll link to a few...

What I will do? Slot it.

1. Radiohead/Teenage Fanclub, 8/10/97 OK Computer tour
*** Small club in Atlanta. Thom gave a third encore, "Thinking About You," after the lights had gone up and no one had left.

2. Arcade Fire/Final Fantasy, Funeral tour
*** Come on. Criminally great, especially considering that they are close to the end of their tour. The final processional through the crowd was insane, as was the scaffolding climbs, motorcycle helmets, Regine, and the unbelievable violin loops of Final Fantasy.

3. REM/Elf Power, Up tour
*** Kate got us great seats, and we wound up near Bertis Downs. This was the show where Bill Berry came on stage, surprising everyone... including the band. Elf Power was phenomenal.

4. Belle & Sebastian/Sleater-Kinney, 5/15/02
*** Horrible venue, but great great great stuff... especially from B&S. They played all their fast-paced songs, and "Sleep the Clock Around" in particular was transcendent.

5. Blur, Parklife tour
*** I didn't know Blur yet, apart from "There's No Other Way." Parklife had just been released... and no one was bigger. The pogoing, the pogoing, the songs, the songs... every song a winner on first listen. Just incredible.

6. Erasure, Wild tour
*** My first show, thanks to Ilise. So over-the-top homo that it scared many, I'm sure... but I loved the whole Alice in Wonderland-inspired thing. Best set design ever.

7. Pavement/Ben Lee (w/ Evan Dando), Wowee Zowee tour
*** Where a beyond-wasted Dando came to the mic, and congratulated all of us for being "the cool kids." Pavement is always hit or miss, but this show at The Point (now defunct) was a shambling beauty. Even Steve West (or was it Bob?) getting up to take a leak in the middle couldn't ruin it.

8. U2, 11/26/97 PopMart tour
*** Sure, this was the runt of the U2 Tour litter... not the Joshua Tree tour... not Zooropa... not the Elevation tour... but it was SO big. Worst show ever to have "close" seats (not to mention off to the side), but not even openers Smash Mouth could ruin U2.

9. Eric Clapton, Royal Albert Hall, 1994
*** Not a Clapton fan. Two scalped tickets and three hours later, spread out over three generation-themed sets, I was a convert. Simply ridiculous.

10. Trashcan Sinatras, Weightlifting tour
*** After waiting for these guys for almost a decade... what a beautiful show. Slight in the best way... and a surprisingly fun stage presence (Francis only; no one else moved). The music and the vocals, especially, translated better than I could have hoped.

Others receiving votes: Ben Folds Five, Decemberists, Elvis Costello, Luscious Jackson, Ministry, Pearl Jam,

Disappointing: Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Supergrass

Missing: Afghan Whigs, Ash, Beasties, Beck, Bowie, Byrne, eels, Fountains of Wayne, Morrissey, New Order, Prince, Super Furry Animals, Ted Leo

Anyway. The links:

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Several days after the NFC Championship Game, and it still hasn't sunk in...

The Eagles are going to the motherfucking Super Bowl.

Just unbelievable. So very, very happy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The List is Life

As of this moment. These are not in order, and are subject to change.

Top 5 Actors Who I Tend to Forget About, But Love:
1. Jeff Bridges
2. Peter Sellers
3. Jack Lemmon
4. Ed Harris
5. Ving Rhames

Top 5 Dinner Entrees:
1. Chicken Marsala
2. Lobster and/or Mushroom Risotto
3. Filet Mignon, medium rare only
4. Burger King's Chicken Sandwich, one out of every seven times
5. Gyro-laced pizzas from Delia's

Top 5 Bands I Used to Love, But Dare Not Mention to Other Snobs:
1. Jesus Jones
2. Erasure
3. Ned's Atomic Dustbin
4. Oasis
5. Depeche Mode

Top 5 Books I've Read in the Last Year or Thereabouts
1. Set This House in Order
2. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
3. Little Children
4. Planet Simpson
5. Under the Banner of Heaven

Top 5 Things I Forgot I Did in 2004:
1. Temped at ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents
2. Rushed across the street to call 911 for Louisa, and babysat Devante for the afternoon
3. Drove hundreds of miles to CT without functioning lights or turn signals
4. Went to the Improv with the Brits to see Pat do stand-up
5. Kayaked the Potomac with Benton

Top 5 Movies I Loved But Didn't Sink In All That Much:
1. L'Auberge Espagnole
2. Dirty Pretty Things
3. Sweet and Lowdown
4. Ripley's Game
5. The Fog of War

Top 5 Websites I Visit Regularly:
1. Aint It Cool News
2. Drudge Report
3. Netflix
5. No Homers Club (message board)

Top 5 Songs I Could Listen to Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace:
1. Box Elder
2. I Will Dare
3. She's Losing It
4. I Love You Cause I Have To
5. Regret

Top 5 Friends/Ex's I Think About, Yet Probably Shouldn't:
1. Nicole
2. Cindy
3. Hillary
4. Craig
5. Joel

Top 5 Favorite Stores to Kill Time In:
1. Borders
2. Best Buy
3. Alexandria Library
4. Miscellaneous Arts & Crafts Store in Old Town
5. The Torpedo Factory


colin meloy - california one/7 chinese bros/cant hardly wait/youth and beauty brigade (live)
arcade fire - born on a train (live, magnetic fields cover)
manic street preachers - 1985
beck - guero
!!! - me and giuliani down by the schoolyard (a true story)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Time is Running Out

... on this blog, that is. If I keep neglecting it for weeks at a time like this in the future, then I will lose *all* of my readers!

Heh. Hi there. Happy New Year. Since we last spoke, nothing much happened, save a tsunami that killed between 150 and 200,000 people in southeast Asia.

But let's talk about me.

The news of the day is that I got my first job-related criticism that pissed me off in awhile this morning. It was my fault, it was the furthest (farthest?) thing from a big deal, but I've only been here 3 months. I want to impress, not screw up. And it has stuck in my craw (!) all day... and I can't seem to shake that shitty vibe.

Speaking of screw-ups... Prince Harry, what were you thinking? Even for a 20-year-old, you can not think that is fresh in any way. Not cool. Just say "nein" to swastikas... especially if you are in line to become King of England some day (or never, I know... damned non-swastika-wearing Prince William!).


Upcoming concerts will be my first in awhile, with the exception of the... nice, I guess, Trashcan Sinatras show a few months back. Going to see Colin Meloy (lead singer of the Decemberists, there you go) at IOTA next Friday night, and then its off to the 9:30 club once again to see the oh-so-2004 Arcade Fire. Should be tremendous... especially if I don't scalp the latter for $150+. Or, perhaps, if I do. I do own a bootleg... so it's not like I haven't had that live experience before.

tv on the radio - modern romance (yeah yeah yeahs cover)
the hollow - what you give is what you get
death cab for cutie - i wanna be adored (live, stone roses cover)
david byrne - my fair lady
the killers - smile like you mean it

oh, yeah, and that decemberists album that's not out yet? let's just say (in a shadowy manner) that it will invariably be my favorite album once it does come out. at which point i will buy it. to make up for past and/or current transgressions.


eagles play for the first time in what seems like years this sunday. chris, jeff and andy will be coming by to watch the iggles kill the vikes (praying), and then the pats-colts game (which could go in any conceivable direction). should be fun. hope chris brings chili, andy brings wings and teso brings no one.


going to lunch with a reporter with the Legal Times tomorrow. hope it goes well; i have no idea what we're going to talk about. but coffee's coffee, and connections and networking count. see: my job.

which reminds me, two people have left our agency in the last month... and no tears have been shed. apparently neither will be missed. which, i suppose, is a good thing-- though i knew neither all that well.


there's a peeping tom in our neighborhood again... second incident in six months or so the other night.

sparing you the details i heard from barbara... i just don't understand this world, sometimes.