Saturday, July 23, 2005


I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today. Liked it a lot.

But it made me feel like this, at the end:

Friday, July 22, 2005

And While We're Talking About the 1970s...

This was a GREAT man.

If You Know Nothing Else About Me

Then you will know that I have never enjoyed the written word as much as this.

I give you the greatest essay in the history of the world. And by "greatest essay in the history of the world," I mean the greatest essay judging the merits of the classic Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, which I may have watched over 100 times as a kid.

I grant you, there probably aren't many of these out there... but let the trend start NOW.


Right Now, I Feel Like This

Five o'clock can NOT come soon enough. I just can't keep my eyes open.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Final Countdown

Just Testing, Mr. Geshel-Green

How I Bide My Time, From Time to Time

A sampling of what have I been checking out, as of late (in no order):


Jed's looking on Craiglist (and in 10+ cities) for more help with the site. Maybe he does care enough to get this bird to fly.


More attacks in the UK today... the end, sadly, is not in sight. I don't know how we're going to get out of this, at least not for a very long time.


Judge Roberts could be a boon to us Dems, relatively speaking... Bush could have gone much, much further to the right if he'd cared to.

Newsweek's Howard Fineman had it right when he said that Bush went for the "short putt"... the most conservative judge that he could nominate who would ensure the easiest confirmation. Great move by Bush, I think (especially as Coulter is raging about it-- this would seem a good sign).

All we can do now is pray... which, after all, is what makes this country run, these days. Best to get with the program.

I will draw the line at NASCAR, however.


franz ferdinand - michael
rancid - ruby soho
radiohead - a wolf at the door
xtc - sacrificial bonfire
belle & sebastian - lazy line painter jane

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Staff Writer

Is my newest job title. Second new title of the year.

And yet I don't have it. Rather, it doesn't exist. Because the publication, Harmonium, is having trouble getting off the ground.

Slated to become a Pitchforkian must-visit site, it is instead being bogged down by lazy-itis. Only three or four people seem to be contributing out of an original twenty-plus.

Why is this bothering me?

All that I've written is three record reviews (Face the Truth, Blinking Lights..., and, um, another one)... and yet I've produced the most at this point. I wasn't supposed to be a major contributor... instead, I'm the clubhouse leader.


New Supreme Court justice nominee to be announced tonight. If the rumors are true... she's conservative, but pro-Roe. That makes NO sense to me, but would be wonderful if true. It would be, after all, the best that we could hope for.


Started the new Harry Potter last night. Like an old friend, that J.K. Rowling.


Less than two weeks until Eagles training camp. Happy days are here again.


rachid taha - rock el casbah
afghan whigs - 66 (live)
damien rice - when doves cry / babe, i'm gonna leave you
supergrass - kick in the teeth
depeche mode - everything counts