Saturday, September 24, 2005

As the Day is Long

Cocaine is bad for you, kids.


So Chris and Jeff and I go out to Cap City the other night, right? And I show up early (or so I thought), and end up staring right at Chris for more than a minute before turning away from him... because I couldn't tell whether it was him or not, and as such, didn't want to stare at some random guy.

I can't tell you how often this happens.

It took Chris coming over and tapping me on the shoulder for me to realize that it was, in fact, him. After which I told him, "you know, the drive over here... my vision was kind of a mess then, too..."

Driving 395 with less than perfect vision? Not good.

I wonder if I have the wrong prescription lenses.


I'm not going to repeat or share Jeff's contribution to our evening with you. It was funny then, but it's just disturbing now, and you don't need me to ruin your day.

You can thank me later.


Speaking of, Teso, we need to push the poker thing forward.


Thanks to Chris and Noel for letting me crash that night. Good times.


This coming Friday, I head to Denver (Avon, if you must know) for the weekend for our firm retreat. I'm really looking forward to it-- though I'm a bit nervous as well. I don't know these people as well as I'd like, haven't met half of them, and I'm not entirely sure what to expect from the retreat itself (will it be easy going? rigorous? are we going to be yelled at for hours on end? not at all?).

Hoping for the best.

A trip to Denver, though-- that in itself will be a good thing. I only wish it weren't so tightly scheduled... what I wouldn't give to hit Vail for a day, or even for a few hours!

Oh, well-- another time.


Last night, I gave my cousin Darren a call to see what our plans were looking like for Saturday (today). But after talking for a while, we decided to change things up, scrap our Saturday plans, and get together immediately upon hanging up the phone. He invtited me over to his place for Chinese food and season 1 of Lost, which he'd just bought on DVD. These are good things.

(An aside-- Darren said we might go out afterwards-- so, as we were going to be out in Dupont, I threw on a new shirt... but I had absolutely no idea whether I looked great or laughable in it. Not to be self-centered or vain, but it was driving me nuts-- I couldn't figure it out for the life of me, and was fixated on it for half the night. Sorry. Just trying to be honest.)

Anyway, Darren's friend Kevin was there, too. I'd met him before, and he is hysterical-- we had a great time eating and watching (and busting balls all the way around, as it should be). All my friends who've been trying to sell me on Lost, by the way? You're big fat winners. It's a great show, and it sucked me in completely from the very beginning. More fodder for the Netflix queue.

One of the funny things about the night was Darren and Kevin trying to up their own queer quotient a little bit, in order to make me do the "hetero squirm." Lots of talk of... well, it started with "Mommie Dearest" quotes and went down (!) from there. I'll spare you the details, because... we're in mixed company. Suffice it to say, it was ribald, I tell you.

But none of that ever makes me uncomfortable. Gay, straight... it doesn't matter to me. And Darren should know this by now. So I think he was a bit unsatisfied by the fact that his talk of [censored] wasn't getting to me. Poor Darren.

So we had a great night, and then Kevin bailed. Darren says "we're going out." So after walking the dog around the block while he got ready, we headed out to the gay bars.


Newly single. Going to the gay bars.

Well, what's waiting one additional night, right?

Anyway, we had a fabulous (!) time-- we went to two places, the first of which (Halo, I think it was called?) was pretty cool. Darren insisted on buying me a pink cosmopolitan something-or-other, because he thought it would weird me out... but alcohol is alcohol. Again, Darren was dismayed.

But because I was fine talking about so much of it, he actually grew to be more relaxed. Not that he's ever been that tight-mouthed about his relationships around me, before, but knowing that I was fine talking about gay culture (or attempting to)... I think it made him really happy.

So I actually really enjoyed the vibe of the place. Everyone was very friendly (not *that* friendly, Jeff-- shame on you), just talking to whoever was next to them... all smiles, everyone loose, happy to be there... It made the bars I tend to go to, where you talk with the people you're with and maybe a few others if you're lucky, seem lame by comparison.

We went to a second place, but it was pretty quiet, so we came in at about 2:30 or so. He was still asleep by the time I left this morning.

I think I woke at 7 am or so, and was out by 8.

I've got to do something about this "can't sleep for more than 5 hours at a time" thing I've got going on.


Gotta go. Big day of football, followed up by tomorrow, which will also be a big day of football. I have to compensate, after all.


RN2B said...

you have a mighty busy social schedule....wondering if you are up to coming to baltimore next saturday night (oct. 1)for dinner.

jed said...

beware. as much fun as it is to go to gay bars, the gays hate it when straighties invade. I get an earful every time about it, so enjoy it sparingly lest you invoke their collective pier 1 wrath.