Thursday, September 29, 2005

Departure Notes

Did Xzibit just answer a question about Tupperware? Really???

Yes. Yes, he did. Way to go, X.

You big tool.

Just the weirdest stuff on the Internet, huh?


Speaking of the Internet (kinda), check out that Shins concert I linked to a post or two down from here. Even though it's less than 45 minutes, it is fantastic stuff. I haven't had the chance to listen to the White Stripes show, but I'm sure it was plenty good, as well.


Today I have a business development lunch/meeting to attend in Tyson's. And it should be fine, especially as I've met the guy before... but there's a slight problem.

I don't want to have to wear a suit.

I really, really don't.

Why is that?

As I am 32 years old, I should really be over that fear by now, right?


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my suits date from 1996 and earlier.


After that mini-trauma-but-not-really, the packing will begin. I have to get a lot of crap together for my weekend... mostly because I've been flooded with emails from my co-workers in Colorado, who have been saying things like "be sure to carry an aerosol can of aardvark repellant... just in case," or "you know, the weather here changes on a dime, be sure to pack a heavy parka and a bathing suit," or "here's a thought... as the high altitude will almost certainly leave you dehydrated, bring a water fountain with you, and sup from the tap throughout your flight."

I might need to bring 14 carry-ons, at the rate these suggestions are coming in. Hope I don't get big 'ol hernia #3 while I'm at it.


I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning, by the way, and coming back very late Sunday night... but Abby will be here the whole time.

Which means that Venus will be guarding the house.

Which means that... oh, never mind.


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