Friday, September 09, 2005

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Sorry about that. Had to get it out of my head.


Told you to take the Patsies and the over, didn't I?

Anybody see any defense in the first half? Because I sure as hell didn't.


Wow... yesterday was a dreadful day. The computer (and Jaffe's terminal server) kept crashing, which made for a very sloooow work day; I made a stupid little mistake at work that people noticed, anyway; plans for the evening fell through (hope you're feeling better today, "ashtray breath"); my "happy hour" was underwhelming... blecch. One for the scrap heap.

But these things happen from time to time.



At least Benton rang me up to shake me out of it. And directed me to the following analysis of the most mystifying song of the year:

NSFW-- Repeated Uses of the Dreaded "S Word".

Mike claims to have his own blog, by the way... but if he doesn't even know where it is, then how are we supposed to?

Odds on Bentonblog ever seeing the light of day: 20-1.


Have my first appointment in a few weeks, today. Maybe we'll see some progress.

After which, I will probably need to get out of the house. Come through for me, Doug.

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