Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our Season... IS SAVED!!!

From the AP/ESPN:

PHILADELPHIA -- Terrell Owens is ready to end his feud with Donovan McNabb.

Owens and McNabb haven't been on speaking terms throughout the preseason, but the All-Pro wide receiver said Tuesday in an interview on ESPN that he plans to talk to McNabb before Philadelphia's season opener at Atlanta on Monday night.

"It's not that I hate Donovan. I love Donovan. I don't hate him at all," Owens said, speaking publicly for the first time since he returned from a one-week exile from training camp three weeks ago. "I was just disappointed in a few things. I have the right to do that.

"Everybody speaks out of emotion. Everybody speaks out of frustration. Everybody's done it. That means I'm human. If you want me to go in and say I was wrong, maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't."


By the way, I'm listening to The Fab Faux on the radio right now... and if this band came to DC, I'd buy out the entire club.

They just played " I Am the Walrus" and "Tomorrow Never Knows"... they're about to play "Strawberry Fields Forever"... and they are simply astounding.


elizabeth said...

Aren't they lovely? If they do come to DC, let me know and we can party it up, fresh style.

Or something like that.

At any rate, have a great day!

David said...

They were fantastic... had never heard them before.

Thanks for stopping by, diva.

elizabeth said...

Not a problem. I'll mosey on through every so often.


Anonymous said...

less football...more particle physics!