Saturday, September 10, 2005

Out of Nowhere, Plans for Tonight

And just like that, I'm feeling better.

Shed no tears for me. ;)


By the way... the Sports Guy totally gets it.

"• During a commercial in the second quarter, I decided to watch my first Pats game with my baby daughter, who's 4 months old now and enjoys staring at football games because of the cool colors on the field. At least that's what I keep telling myself -- the bottom line is that she could stare at a sock for 15 minutes and be entertained. Anyway, we sat down in front of the TV, they came back from commercial ... and Moss immediately caught his 73-yard TD pass. That was her first Patriots play ever.

(And probably last ... because I immediately gave her back to the Sports Gal. I don't mess around with this stuff. Not even with my own flesh and blood.)"

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elizabeth said...

Did you see the OSU upset?


What the hell.