Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Before I get to the nonsense, you've missed some great concerts. I was even at the Decemberists' show, which was a lot of fun.

Tonight, check out White Stripes / Shins / M. Ward. If you miss it, it will be archived within the next few days.

Yet another reason to support NPR.


If we have three more years left of Dubya in the White House, should we just stop complaining, shrug our shoulders and, in the immortal words of Bobby Knight, just "relax and enjoy it"?

Have you ever actually seen a repo man?

Do you realize that Howard Stern is 51?

Fans of FOX News... do you think they, you know, care to know what they're watching? Or have they just made up their minds, and that's that?

Is Rob coping OK? Is Debbie?

Will Heather Locklear ever be stopped?

How is it that According to Jim is one of the most popular programs on TV? And it's been, for several years, now?

Given everything that's happened, do you think you'll be willing to shake me this time around, if need be?

Did you catch Drudge's Cindy Sheehan headline the other day, saying that she was arrested in a "cunning stunt"?

Will I ever remember to give Jay his gift from Mike?

Does hand sanitizer really work, or are women just worrying too much?

Can you explain the appeal of Larry King to me?

These are going to end, right?


Mike Slagor said...

David -

Hey man, I came across your blog by looking for some fans of The Decemberists.....And I think you're one of them.

check out my blog at slagor.blogspot.com

I'm flying to Cleveland to see The Decemberists in October, and I've been counting down the days for a while.....Can't wait man....

Cubbie said...

I will shake the shit out of you if I have to. It's now my official job. I won't play nice either. You have been warned.

David said...

Good Lord, that was scary to read, at first. Took me a second to put two and two together.

Thank you.