Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taking Stock

On the one hand, I haven't run for political office. Yet.

Someone in my law school class is doing just that. Right now. Makes me feel a bit... oh, I don't know... a bit like an underachiever?

Not really.

It's cool that Robert (who I really didn't know all that well) is running for Attorney General of Arkansas. I hope he does well... and have faith that he will.

Having your own editorial cartoon, though? Now that's really something to aspire to!


On the other hand, I still have heroes. It's good to have heroes.

And in that spirit (and in the ridiculous spirit of 1,000 college entrance essays), here is my fantasy dinner table.

My only guide was to pick 20th (or 21st) century English-speakers. Sorry to be elitist, but them's the breaks.

#6, by the way, was probably going to be Steve Young. Hall of Fame quarterback (fascinating), lawyer (what? really?), med-school-wannabe (borderline ridiculous), and wearer of sacred undergarments (Mormons are cool... I think).

But the guy is boredom defined, so he eats with the dogs.

At the big boys table, then (because I'm looking for a few good women):

Questioned and satirized everything. Made thousands of comedians tremble before him. Denis Leary owes this man royalties, his wife, his kids, his show...

Changed millions of lives. Scared the shit out of me until I learned more about him. Learned new things until the day he died. MLK's opposite... in a good way.

This old man has saved millions-- MILLIONS!-- of lives. And he's still saving more. And oh, yeah-- Nobel Prize-winners are cool.

Magician and bullshit artist extraordinaire. Always yammering on about something. Very tall man. Deals with a mime half the damned time. Aristocrat.

Guest of the Chris Farley Show. Does not discriminate against the peglegged. Moptop. An all-around cutie pie. Knows a song or two.

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