Friday, September 02, 2005

"You Play... to Win... the Game!!!"

I'm guessing that more than a few NYC sportswriters are sorely tempted to use that quote in their wrap-ups of last night's Eagles-Jets slaughter. What was the score, 82-16 or something? I don't even know. It couldn't be any less important, though, could it? Thank God there weren't any injuries.

While Donovan was drinking chamomile tea in the press box, Herm's fifth-stringers were whupping some ass. Well, here's to you, graduates of Florida A&M Community College. Now you're game-tested against the reigning NFC Champs. You took lemons, and made them into lemons that... that... are about to be thrown into the trash.

Or something like that.


Speaking of game-tested... congratulations to all the new fathers of twins out there.

Don't forget to breathe, friend (you know, I already forget the Chinese word for "friend"... damnit!).

Seriously... remember that it really is a blessing. Be frightened, sure... but know that it's one of the best things that will ever happen to you.

Apart from Professor Ferguson's class, I mean.


Nothing else this morning... although I will say that CNN's headlines are starting to drift into Drudge Country. Not to trivialize what's going on, because it's deserving of all the attention, to say the least, but... wow. CNN is starting to look like a big fat panic button, rather than an arguably objective reporter of the news.

One thing that I'm starting to hear more and more, creeping into the mass media reports, is that the federal government is largely to blame for this... not the hurricane itself, of course... but what we're seeing now.

For instance, (a) its unbelievably slow response time with the relief efforts, given the advance warning it had the week before, and (b) its lack of National Guardsmen, what with the whole Iraq/Afghanistan hullabaloo.

Not to open up THAT can of worms... I'm just reporting what I'm hearing.

And I can't say I disagree.

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