Sunday, October 23, 2005

Apologies / I Believe the Number Was 37

Sorry, it's been awhile, I know. The good news is that I've seen most of you since Thursday. So some or all of these stories/links/bits will be old news. What are you gonna do?


Teso, sorry to hear about yer uncle.


Anyone (aside from Jeff) have ideas for Halloween costumes? His daughters are already set, apparently.


So, Thursday night was Bailey's... nice "worlds colliding" kind of night, with Benton making a winning impression on Chris, in particular. Mike was there to watch MD trounce VA Tech, but... that didn't happen.

Sorry about that.

What *did* happen, however (apart from a waitress who declined in quality as the night went on), was that Mike busted out all the classics. All your favorite impersonations: Al Pacino, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio... he might have thrown some Walken in the mix.

And the man is suffering from vertigo, ladies and gentlemen!

"It killed, Jerry-- it killed!"

Jeff showed up later (post-bison) with his sister, Karen. She seemed pretty great, but the way she hauled off on her brother (on several fronts) made even Chris and I wince a bit. Some great stories, some odd turns of phrase... I guess that's to be expected from someone who works for H&M.

Like I even know what that means in the grand scheme of things.


Friday night was spent driving around, trying to find Ilise's Cousin Michael's house. Though I had forgotten about the "why" we were meeting there, I soon remembered-- it was to babysit for Michael's one-year old son, Dorian.

All babysitting should be so easy. Dorian (yes, his name is Dorian-- wanna fight about it?) was put to bed before Michael and Jess left the house, and so we had no actual babysitting duties to speak of.

I actually shouldn't speak for Ilise; she bathed him at one point, if I remember.

But most of the night was spent eating take-out Thai food and watching The Goonies. Which was an exceptionally satisying way to spend a rainy Friday night, actually.

It's so good to have Ilise and Paul back.

Not that they were the ones who left in the first place...


Yesterday was madness. It started with several pre-noon phone calls. I don't think anyone had plans set up for yesterday... and everyone was the same kind of restless.

I had set aside the evening to catch up with Jeff and Liza, who were in town for a very brief weekend (Felix's son's christening, if I remember). But we hadn't really worked out the details... and so I played the day by ear. Or by year. What's the phrase, again?

Anyway, I drove over to Jeff's to grab some lunch... we stopped by Al's Steakhouse and had ourselves some sandwiches (sadly, no bison), caught some of the early football games, watched a few Family Guy eps, had some chocolate... good times.

As I type that, I realize how dangerously close that sounded like a Lifetime movie.

From there, I drove to Tyson's Corner. It only took 14 hours with all the traffic... at which point I was still entirely too early for my meeting with Benton. So I got a few things at the Gap, chatted with a cute employee or two, felt good. Waited for Mike, waited, waited.

When will I learn that Mike works on PST? I've only known the guy a decade.

Anyway, when he finally arrived, he was thrilled to have the culture-shock that Tyson's offered. Quite different from the Dominican Republic malls, I'd guess... especially with the new renovation/addition. Mike was thrilled-- thrilled-- to go into a CVS, for God's sake. It was somewhat hysterical.

More importantly, it was good to see him doing so well, following the havoc of the past week. He was just happy to be there, hanging out. We grabbed some Five Guys (that could not have hit the spot any more than it did)... did some more shopping, went into the LoveSac store... again, good times.

(that just set off alarm bells again, huh?)

At that point, we split up and I headed towards Shirlington to meet up with Chris and Noel for drinks. I was able to contact Jeff and Liza to have them meet us there (at Guapo's), and... unbelievably, it worked out well. Chris' friend Ben was there, as were a few others that I didn't get too speak to all that much... but they were a collective hoot.

(yes, I said hoot)

And when Jeff and Liza came at around 10pm or so... we had enough of a chance to talk amongst ourselves so that I didn't feel incredibly guilty for not giving them my 100% attention. They seemed to be doing well, though they we mostly spoke about The Situation. Their support was a wonderful thing.

That said, Liza may have gone a bit too far in sympathizing with me, going into more detail than necessary on the importance of a healthy sexual relationship.

Jeff, you are a lucky, lucky man. ;)


Enough rambling. Too long of an entry by half.

Next time, I'll just talk about Harmonium. Maybe an entry on Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin?

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