Monday, October 10, 2005

Burn the Witch

Samples from today's Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, tame by comparison to what I'm hearing on WIP:

Bob Ford
Deep in the cavernous visiting locker room, deep in the heart of Texas, Terrell Owens pulled a white Dallas Cowboys jersey from his traveling bag, shook it out, and put it on for the bus ride to the airport and the long, quiet charter flight home to Philadelphia.

Leave it to Owens to find the perfect coda for a dissonant afternoon in Texas Stadium. That was exactly what all his teammates needed to see after a long day of watching those jerseys nearly run them off the field.

If Owens were communicating, he probably would observe that it hardly matters what he wears when the game is over - and, in that, he would be right. But it's worth pointing out that donning a Michael Irvin throwback jersey was probably not the best choice for someone who spent most of the day looking for the quickest route to run out of bounds.

Les Bowen
At the end of the game, Owens was the first Eagle up the tunnel, smiling enigmatically, perhaps to signal that the Cowboys fans leaning over the railing yelling insults weren't bothering him. Or maybe he was just contemplating the stir he knew he would create with the Michael Irvin jersey he was about to don in the Eagles' locker room.

John Smallwood
And just an aside that really has nothing to do with the rest of this column: Terrell Owens, who caught five passes for 50 yards with no touchdowns, didn't play well enough to warrant his wearing a Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin throwback jersey in the Eagles' locker room after a humiliating loss, either.

But that's an issue between him and his organization - not that I expect management or any of his teammates to say anything to Owens about it.

Phil Sheridan

"We've just got to come out and sucker-punch somebody," middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said.

Here's a good place to start:

Owens got on the team bus to the airport yesterday wearing a white Dallas Cowboys jersey with Michael Irvin's name and No. 88 on it.

If he made it home without one of his teammates ripping it off him and stuffing it down his throat, the Eagles are in even more trouble than the Texas Stadium scoreboard said.

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