Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Few Pics from Denver, part deux

Happy New Year, everyone!


A quick reminder that you can click on these to make them larger... these shots look a bit sad in thumbnail form.


Though the scenery was 100% of the appeal, I was still hoping for some traditional "sights." Some animals grazing, a waterfall, something. Anything.

Desperate, I took a picture of a rock that looked like a monkey's head.

Everything else paled by comparison. These shots, for example.

Apparently, I have an admirer. Teso, thanks for coming.


Gayle Crispin said...

Great blog - and great photos of Denver! Made me homesick for the Colorado fall!

Cubbie said...

cool photos. I wish I lived there!

RN2B said...

Colorado is beatiful - too bad Elsie lives there....glad to read that the retreat was enjoyable