Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gimme Fiction

Today was one of those really great days.

After the guilt of last night, going out with the guys to Trivia Night, only to (maybe, maybe not) bring the group down by being tired and mildly cranky... this was better.

I billed a lot of hours today, for one.

But that is considerably less important than the fact that I'm gaining a bit of confidence at work. It's coming slowly, perhaps... but it is coming. I'm moving forward, and there have been a few times this week (and today in particular) where I have been able to see it.

The problem I've had for years, professionally, is confidence-based. And to think that I might finally be breaking through... even a little bit... it means a lot to me.

Those of you who've known me longest know. This is a big deal.


Then there was my conversation with my parents. Both are doing well, and excited about their cruise out to the Pacific coast. They'll be away for two weeks, and should have a blast.

I'll miss them, but it makes me so happy to have them out and about, enjoying themselves. I love when they go on these trips.

Because when they're gone... I get to throw these incredible house parties.

Er... yeah.

It was actually something my Dad said, tonight out of nowhere... he noted how happy I've seemed these last few months... and it really made my day. He can tell the difference. And, without getting into it any further, so can I.

So can you, I hope.


The problem with this blog is that the above bit/piece/note is as close as I can get to sentiment on here. There are a few too many (different) people who read this from time to time... some who'd soak up every word, some who'd mock me (justifiably so), some who'd rather not hear about any of it... and so I edit.

And I leave things out, amazing as that may seem.

But... I just saw one of "those" movies tonight. Just... well, without telling you which one, the type of movie you can really relate to.

Lump-in-the-throat, smile-like-an-idiot-type of movie. In a good way.

It's something I'll likely buy. Because it was good. Verrrrry good, to quote Rob.

Perhaps I'll let some of you guess at it.

And no, it's not Clifford.


By the way... seeing an episode of South Park, the Simpsons, or Seinfeld that you've never seen before?

It's like Hannukah come early!

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