Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hello, Hello (Hola!)


Some of you are going to the show on Wednesday night.

And some of you suffer from it.


Speaking of, did anyone notice any imperceptible changes in Mike's behavior last night?



Sorry I was off my game last night for trivia. I shouldn't have gone out when I was that tired, but... the lure of seeing my Dominican friend... it was simply too great. Hope I wasn't too mopey or distracted.

Landing in the money for the second straight time didn't hurt-- the ends justified the means, I suppose. $50 once again pays for drinks and Mike's horrible fish entree.

What all of this means is that we are an unstoppable trivia beast.

Though suggesting "Princess Jeopardy" as the answer to a question about the British Royal Family (is that supposed to be capitalized? capitalised?)... that will earn you no points.

May God have mercy on your soul.


Everybody think good thoughts for Benton, huh? Everything seemed kosher, especially after speaking with him about it for awhile... but it's an issue. Having to fly from Spanish hospital to US hospital will make anything an issue. And it's (clearly) frustrating Mike, to say nothing of any actual health-related difficulties that he might be dealing with.

So, my advice? Friends?

Invest heavily in the handrail industry.

And Dramamine? Dramamine is very hot right now. And getting hotter.


Since I got home late, I was able to watch the first episode of the Colbert Report. And if I were to tell you that it has the promise to be even better than the Daily Show... would you believe me?

Flawless. I was stunned at how strong it was, at how many Factor-related darts were thrown, at how ridiculous Stone Phillips is, even in real life (dude MUST be flatlining, even now, as we speak).

Whoever gave Mr. Colbert his own show deserves several raises.


Yesterday I was in the city all day with one of our clients. I'm getting thrown a bit more into the mix at work, and despite my hatred for wearing suits (as opposed to wifebeaters or pajamas with bunny slippers), it's a very good thing.

Business will be booming (personally) once I'm able to get a firmer grasp on client dealings... and my colleagues are steadily opening the door for that. It's nothing that I can't handle.

Though come to think of it, one should never be excited about talking with patent litigators, banking attorneys or other corporate governance folk. So perhaps I should calm down.


Congratulations to John Ferguson, the first law school friend of mine (that I know of) to make partner. Goodwin Proctor chose... wisely.


Who are my real friends?
Have they all got the bends?
(Am I really sinking this low?)

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