Friday, October 14, 2005

Nerd Ego, Spiralling Out of Control

What else is new?


Apparently, my MP3 blogs article has been read by at least 660 people, so far... those statistics courtesy of the fact that the article is the #1 referrer (sp?) at You Ain't No Picasso (go to YANP and see for yourself-- scroll down the left-hand column for the stats).

That is scary. If I'd have known that more than 600 people (and likely many, many more than that) would be reading my nonsense, I would have hired a proofreader.


Nothing much has been going on this week... hence the lack of legit content. Some links here and there, but... no one's been around, the weather's been kinda dreary... it's just one of those weeks.


I failed to observe the holidays, which makes me a bad person.

The honest reason why? I'm not there yet. Baby steps.

Have faith. I'll get there.


Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary at Jaffe. I am thrilled to have made it so far with what was, effectively, an entry-level position. If I can continue to move forward and keep learning, who knows? Maybe I can make it to 2006?

I'd love to stay here. It is a phenomenal set-up/opportunity, which I am more than thankful for, every day.


Eagles have a bye week, so the big game of the week is Penn State-Michigan, at the Big House. I think this might be the game where the Lions come back to earth, but the way things have been going, who knows?


I'll be posting a few more album reviews to Harmonium in the next week: Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel and Harvey Danger's Little by Little. Perhaps I can keep the momentum going?

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