Monday, October 31, 2005

Ramblings (special "no inside jokes" edition)

1) I'm not much of a Lou Reed fan, personally, but "Street Hassle," which I downloaded today and which is apparently featured in the new Wes Anderson-esque The Squid and the Whale might just be the greatest thing I've ever heard. The backstory (Lou's) might have something to do with it, but still. It's completely and totally great.

The first interlude vocals sound like the intro to a TV on the Radio song, which is also interesting (to me and me alone, I'd guess). I wonder if they nicked it intentionally, or whether I'm just hearing things.

2) During the slow parts of the song (which is more than eleven minutes long, by the way) I can hear my across-the-street neighbors blasting "Tubular Bells," Mike Oldfield's theme music from the Exorcist. They've also been playing the theme from Halloween, for that matter.

And you know what? The music is kinda creeping me out. Especially now that it's dark outside.

I wonder if the five-year-olds being walked around by their parents find it creepy, too... or if, as they have no idea what those songs mean, they're completely unfazed?


3) Theo Epstein resigning from the Sox is a big blow, and I imagine New England is going to let out a collective groan as they get the news. I wonder how Chris (and other Sox fans, for that matter) is/are doing.

I'd feel for them, but I'm more concerned with my own impotent Philly teams, thank you very much.

You know, I've got tickets to see the Birds against the Giants in December... and now that they're struggling, I almost (almost) wish I didn't.

It will be great to see Dave, as it always is, don't get me wrong. But if the Eagles are out of the playoffs by then, it's just going to be two old buddies (which is great) sitting for several hours in sub-freezing weather (which is not).

Please don't hate me, if you're reading this. I'm just being honest.

4) Scalito has me worried... but then I see this and perk up a little bit.

5) A friend asked me for a clearer picture of the oil-for-food scandal. Maybe this would be a nice start?

6) Teso... you going to come through for me on the Steptoe front?

Because you know... you haven't done enough for me, lately.

7) Invariably, I'm going to forget all about the premiere episode of The Boondocks, even though it's going to completely own.

I hope so, anyway.

8) If you haven't done so already, and if you dig politics (preferably but not necessarily from the left), click on the link to The Jaker. I'm fascinated by the points he brings to the table every day, and especially the odds he posts on the Democratic and GOP Presidential nominations. The link is over there, to the right. Down a bit. Down a bit further. THERE you go.

9) My contractor starts getting down to business tomorrow... afternoon. For some reason, he's going to be here from 2:30 until 9pm or so. I am not thrilled by this... but at least the bathroom is finally going to get done.

Theoretically. I suppose I don't really know this guy from a hole in the ground.

But I have faith. Yes, indeedy.

10) The password is "chocolate babies."


First five songs to play after a random iTunes shuffle:

debra - beck
we both go down together - the decemberists
i'm a cuckoo - belle & sebastian
feeling gravity's pull - r.e.m.
lost in the supermarket - the clash

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