Monday, October 10, 2005

There's No Point / Bill Berry's Return

There's no point to this post, that is. The first part of it, anyway. I just wanted to share.

So I woke up this morning, showered, made some coffee... the usual. Then I walk outside to get the paper, mostly to read about the Eagles' debacle.

No sooner do I open the front door, two squirrels look up from whatever they were doing to stare right at me. Standing about five feet apart from one another, on the sidewalk in front of my car, the squirrels had evidently been having a serious, in-depth conversation, which I rudely interrupted. As soon as I spotted them, they looked at me, and ran in opposite directions.

Strange thing is, they both ran about 15 feet, turned, saw that I was still looking at them, and then continued to run away.

My parking area is littered with nuts, acorns, shells, you name it.

Something was going on.

It was as though I'd walked in on the squirrel mafia or something.


I told you there was no point.


By the way, I wish I knew Dewitt Burton.

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