Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Toby, Take a Bow

As soon as Jed posted my ridiculous (though marginally well-intentioned) MP3 summary on Harmonium, we got what I believe are the first comments on the site.

So how did our craptastic (though marginally well-intentioned) site get readers? That's right. Stereogum linked us. Yikes! How could he have found us???

Er... awkward. I sincerely wish I'd been more effusive in my praise of Scott's site-- it would have been deserved. I only visit several times (*cough*) a day.

If it means anything to you, sir... heartiest congratulations on your nuptials. It's a shame you couldn't have linked up with Kyle Leafblower, professional Wedding DJ, but I have faith that your playlist was pretty damned strong in its own right.

For you, a spin of the Decemberists covering "Mr. Blue Sky." Thanks for the link.


On a dimmer note, for renewing my Entertainment Weekly subscription, I was promised a free gift.

A new car?

A summer home, maybe?

Nope. I got this, instead: disc one of three, only.

First person who asks, gets it.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Oh, how the years have changed us. I'm sticking with John in the Morning. Call me a big 'ole square. Go 'head, I dare ya!

It's now my turn to say, "Luv ya baby!"