Sunday, October 09, 2005

Top Five Things I Think I Think

With apologies to ubercoffeenerd Peter King.

1. Penn State could lose the rest of their games this season (which they won't), and they could still call their year an unqualified success after their big win last night. At the risk of offending certain family members of mine, Penn State outplayed Ohio State... if only just enough to grab the "W."

They play that game ten times, Ohio State wins the majority of them. Everybody knows that. But... wow. A great college football game, even if Bucks fans don't want to hear it.

Both teams showed up, both defenses played extraordinarily well, and it was just a great game to watch (if you appreciate great defense, that is).

Ohio State needed that game much, much, MUCH more than the Lions did, though. And they couldn't get it done. Now their season is over, at least by Ohio State standards.

On the other hand, Penn State, with help yesterday from Northwestern and Minnesota, is somehow staring at a possible Big Ten Championship... something that had been absolutely unthinkable just a week ago, let alone at the beginning of the season.

Unbelievable. And the run that the university got during last night's broadcast-- that may be the very definition of the word "priceless." JoePa, say hello to the Penn State Nittany Lions' Class of 2010. It just expanded exponentially after last night.

Andy may still be shaking and crying-- I'm not sure. I should check up on him.

2. William H. Macy has to be, along with Jeff Bridges, the most underrated actor of our time. Sure, critics know both of them, but even Phillip Seymour Hoffman gets more run in People Magazine.

2a. I might not do another "top five things I think I think" column, as that last part sounded suspiciously like Larry King in USA Today-- "Is it just me, or is Reese Witherspoon adorable in everything she does?"

"Hands down, Two for the Money is the best movie you will see all year. Pacino's career best."

3. After a few weeks (if not a few months) of drought-like conditions... 48 hours of rain is enough, thanks. Regardless of what I might have said yesterday. We don't need any more, let alone rain appearing in the forecast for the next seven days straight or whatever it is, thank you very much.

4. All of these catastrophes are starting to smell a bit Biblical, aren't they?

5. Eagles pull away in the third quarter. Again. Birds 34-21.

Stinkin', good-for-nothing Cowboys.

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Cubbie said...

If you own anything in scarlet or grey, please donate it to some child in need....for you are no longer a Buckeye fan. Clearly, your allegiance is with Penn State. That is fine. I will forgive you. You were born and raised in PA. You need a school to cheer for. You went local. I was born and raised in PA too, however, I focus on the fact that I grew up in Bucks County. It must have been fate!
Just promise me that this is the end to your "On the Fence" bull shit. Pick a team and stick with it. Oh wait, you already chose your team. Andy has some pictures to prove it.