Thursday, October 27, 2005

Woke Up

... to a few more responses this morning. Good stuff.


I'll be asking you for your opinions in the coming days and weeks as to where I should take these ladies, what I should wear, and what conversations I should start... and in what order.

Also, if you have any opinions as to particular compliments I could offer, again, perhaps, in what order... that would be great, mmmkay?

Oh, and jokes. I'm gonna need lots and lots of jokes.


So, the contractor came over and demo'd my master bathroom. Also saved me more than a couple hundred bucks, most likely, by telling me there was no need to buy a new shower pan, as the "old" one was more than salvagable, in his opinion.

Promise not to tell the eventual buyers, OK?

That said, now he's gone for a week until the plumber can come. It's bad enough that I can't use the bathroom, and haven't really been able to for while... now it looks like a setpiece from The People Under the Stairs.

I'm keeping the door shut. Halloween and all. You know.


Weak mailbag this week, I thought. Thankfully, Chris pointed me to the greatest column in the history of man (to some of us twisted bastards, anyway).

At the risk of being rude(r)... if you don't get it... just keep walking. Nothing to see, here.

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