Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Exercise Your Rights in an Empty Gym" Day

Sorry about yesterday's post. I was (and am) angry.


So, have you gotten yo' vote on yet? It is Election Day, after all-- one of the few chances we have to punch our government in the mouth, if that's what we want to do-- and so I hope that you get out to your local high school, rec center or convenience shop (!) and vote.

Polls will be open all day, including this evening, so there are no excuses. Unless you vote Republican, in which case I hope you find plenty of excuses.

My contractor last night told me that he will NEVER.VOTE.AGAIN. Please don't be like my contractor. It's people like him who got us the Administration(s) we have today.

And it's people like him who re-do my master bathroom, so perhaps I should just zip it.


Had enough T.O. yet?

I hope not. Because the story has only just started to saturate the airwaves, and if you're sick of it now... you need to build yourself a stronger threshold. Or stop watching ESPN.

So, again-- do you think that it will go away anytime soon, what with the grievance being filed and heard this week, and the Eagles playing Monday night against the Cowboys?

Didn't think so.

Oh, and Michael Irvin? Philadelphia hates you even more now than they did when you were sniffing coke for the Cowboys... if that's even possible.


I have another... activity... this evening (why am I bothering to talk around it?).

I've been advised by local anti-Semites to bring menorahs and dreidels, just in case, so that I'll be guaranteed to have something to talk about tonight... but my rude friends can just shut their mouths. Big fat jerks is what they are.


I'll do no such thing. Just hoping to meet some (nice, of course) Jewish women.

Now, if they are the ones who bring the matzah? Then I'll just laugh, and laugh, and laugh.


Big meeting today at work. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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C said...

I'd totally keep you in my prayers, but I'm not sure the person I'm praying to is really in your corner. I'm just saying...you kill a guy, he doesn't forget.