Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fame / Fate / Fatigue / Farce / Fatigues / Finality

"Because sometimes... when you're least expecting it... luck... is just around the corner."

So I'm going about my business yesterday afternoon (insert joke here) when the phone rings. A reporter from the Washington Business Journal was apparently given my name by a mutual acquaintance for a story she's working on-- attorneys who've left the legal profession, in search of alternative careers. She asked if she could interview me for the feature, to run in the December 2 issue. Because I'm a press whore, I said "yes" almost immediately.

Nice surprise, right? An opportunity to get my name (and Jaffe Associates' name) in print? Pretty great.

Well, the reporter asks for a bit of my background-- where I went to school, that sort of thing-- and one of the first things I tell her is that I graduated Cornell in 1995. She says "really?" and decides to take one of those blind stabs that everybody does from time to time... she asks "did you know someone named Nicole Matteo"?

Not only did I know Nicole Matteo, but she was one of my closest friends during my first few years at school. One of those great people that you inevitably/sadly lose touch with over time. I was stunned that this reporter knew her... and then I put two and two together. I'd met the reporter herself 10-15 years ago-- she was Nicole's best friend from back in the day. The "Jennifer Nycz-Conner" I'd been speaking to on the phone... I had known her as "Jen Nycz," way back when.

We were in hysterics. She told me how Nicole was doing (great, still married to Ken, expecting her second child, moving to a new house in NYC, etc.), and we talked about the times we'd spent together when she visited Nicole at Cornell.

Anyway, it was a great surprise. It would great to hear from Nicole in the coming days/weeks/whenever... I hope she calls.

All this, on top of a 15-20 minute interview.

Good times.


It was a nice way to end a very long, very lethargic afternoon. I don't think I've been sleeping well as of late, though I couldn't tell you why.

No, it has nothing to do with the Eagles.


Someone hacked CNN. Who would do such a thing, especially to someone as universally beloved as Cheney?


Would one of you please remind me that I have to pack my suit on Wednesday night? If I go up to Philly without a suit, then I'll have to attend Saturday's Bar Mitzvah in my jeans.

And no one wants that.

Except for me.

God, I'm so going to forget.


Now that it's officially the Christmas season, if you have gift suggestions (for you or your spouse)... please feel free to let me know. Not to offer a weak excuse, but my mind is somewhat scattered, these days. I could use all the help you could give. That, and I'd prefer to get you something you'd actually like, as opposed to a Chia Pet (which has been done before-- but could still be done again).

I don't need anything for myself this year.

I already got my gift, you know?

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Cubbie said...

As I will be calling you on Wednesday night to remind you to pick my arse up on Thursday morning, I will add the suit reminder to my list. We wouldn't want you wearing your father's suit again, would we???

And yes, I will make a diagram of possible holiday gifts you could give to Stewie, Mikey, and myself. This will include level of excitment upon opening said gift, returnablity, etc. We will help you through this year. But thats it buddy! Next year, you are on your own!

See you Thursday! I'll be the one stuffed like a turkey.