Monday, November 14, 2005

Family Guy

Reasons last night's show was unbelievable:

1) A Snoopy Come Home reference, "No Dogs Allowed," that I've only been talking about amongst friends for the past 20+ years.

2) A reference to the Kelly McGillis-hosted freshman orientation warning about the dangers of date rape. I'd tried out for this program at Cornell (no jokes, please) during my first weeks at school, and the whole experience has always stayed with me... I am 100% positive that no one watching the show got this joke in any way, shape or form-- my jaw was on the floor, though. Just dumbfounded.

3) The return of Stewie asking about Brian's novel, and Brian immediately smacking him upside his head.

4) Brown beating Board of Education 42-0 in the football game.

5) Poop in a tuba (what?), Hawking-on-Hawking sex, and Chris falling happily through the ceiling.

Good Lord, the plot of the show could not have been more forgettable... but the above bits made for one of my favorite episodes, like, ever.


Cowboys-Eagles tonight.

What else needs to be said? Especially on a weekend where the Giants, Redskins, Falcons and Rams lost?

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Anonymous said...

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