Monday, November 07, 2005


Good: Sushi and pandas.
Bad: Excessive eyeliner.

Good: Donovan's slant route to Reggie Brown.
Bad: Donovan's phantom "spike" at the end of first half.

Good: Andy Reid suspending T.O.
Bad: Knowing that T.O. was laughing all night, last night. Hearing said laughter.

Good: Finally catching up on Lost.
Bad: Being a season behind on Lost.

Good: Having my parents back, safe, in the continental U.S.
Bad: Missing out on the video of their ship going through the Panama Canal.

Good: PC Magazine's Top 100 Web sites.
Bad: Some random guy's Top 100 Internet Moments.

Good: Parties.
Bad: Showing up to said parties eighteen hours too early.

Good: Having taste in music.
Bad: Seeing the Aerosmith/Lenny Kravitz and Gwen Stefani shows within days, nay, hours of each other.

Good: The Arcade Fire, busking.
Bad: Phil Collins news.

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