Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Harmonium Numbers

This from one of our tech-savvy staff members:


so it turns out we're doing better than we thought

we only started keeping track of stats like 9 hours ago, but since then we've had nearly 100 unique visitors. that's way more than i figured we'd be doing in a day, let alone 9 hours at this point. extrapolate that number to per week, and that's probably between 800 and 1000 unique visitors. in case you don't know what that means, a unique visit is the first time someone loads a page n a given day.

saddle creek said we needed 30,000 unique visits a week before they'd send us stuff. so that's 4200ish people reading us a day. i say that we achieve this goal, but then still not go out of our way to review saddle creek stuff.

over a dozen people are subscribed to our RSS feed since we started tracking it using feedburner. that's a pretty solid number, since the vast majority of people have no clue what RSS is.

good werk, everybody


pretty great, huh?


Al Sharpton supports Fernando Ferrer for Mayor of NYC in his own unique fashion. Who knew he could dance (sound, safe for work)?

Poor dogs.

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Ryan Irvine said...

Actually, after 24 hours of keeping track of stats, we've had > 200 unique visitors and 450 total visits. So if you extrapolate that, that's well over 1000 unique visits a week. Maybe as high as 1500. Saddle Creek wanted us to have between 3 and 4 times that before they started sending us stuff. We're way closer than we thought.

That said, I don't really want us to go out of our way review Saddle Creek stuff even if we do pass that threshold because they were all snarky about it, but it's still a nice milestone to reach.

Your Son,
Ryan Irvine