Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joy Division

What I wouldn't have given to be at this show. Arcade Fire came out on stage during one of U2's encores to cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

I have no idea who that bus driver is, kneeling over there on the right-hand side, though.


Another day, another list. This time, rather than it being a list of the top whatevers of 2005, it's the top 12 songs on OK Computer.

And since I'm a complete and utter sucker for all things Radiohead, I'll post the link. Wanna fight about it?


Finally, The Big Takeover has a shiny new website. It's about time, Jack! ;)


OK, OK. Enough music. I hear you. How's about Star Wars, instead?

Wow. Remember when Kevin Spacey was popular? Seems like ages ago, doesn't it?


My contractor follies begin anew this morning. See if you can follow along:

1) Bathroom guy comes by this morning, for the first time in roughly two weeks. He will talk my ear off about how voting is pointless, how women are horrendous, and how this project is absolutely killing him, but he did it despite his better motives.

2) Tomorrow morning, I'll get a call from the carpet measuring guys (I'm not kidding), to set a time for them to come over and measure my house (also tomorrow). We are getting all of our carpeting redone, which will only cost us several months' worth of mortgage payments.

3) The bathroom guy will return tomorrow, but this time, he'll be bringing a plumber along! Awesome! Much noise will ensue, of course. And both men will almost certainly find something to complain about (much like I'm doing right now, come to think of it).

4) The bathroom guy will inevitably still have work to do on Thursday, this despite the fact that we were supposed to be finished, done, wrapped several weeks ago. This *also* despite the fact that my big presentation is on Thursday. He will forget this, and come by anyway.

5) Jose Pino, a lovely yet completely unintelligible man, is set to come over on Thursday evening to give an estimate on a small paint job that Abby refuses to do herself.

She screwed up the room (as some of you may know, she painted waves on the ceilng)-- why isn't she doing this herself, again?


It is 8am on Tuesday morning, and after writing that little outline, I am strongly considering an adult beverage.

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RN2B said...

Forget Jose- if you pay me I'll come down and paint the ceiling for you - if your going to throw money away, throw it into my pocket!!