Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Question For You

There are not enough hours in the day, I tells ye.

Today's going to be a bit of a mess: pre-9am phone calls, contractors, plumbers, a conference call with Jay, the JLNS to do (in a rush), and a few other things (though one of those things might end up salvaging the day). I hope all goes well.

I know-- I'm not the only busy one. You're busy, too. I mean, look at Jeff-- he's been working 32-hour days since he was 41 years old.

I mean, 31.



The issue of the day.

I was wondering last night why this blog has turned into a links repository as of late. I mean, I enjoy sharing the nonsense I find with you, as many of you don't have the time (or the care) to go hunting for it yourselves. But I'd be curious to know how many of you actually check out the links that I post-- so... is it worthwhile for me to continue? What do you like better? Should I just stick to writing about myself, like the little narcissist that I am?

Posting links is easier for me to do when I have less time on my hands, but if you're doing me the courtesy of showing up and reading this mess... well, what do you want to read?

When I was home over the weekend, I realized that my parents don't have a high-speed connection (I also noticed that, somehow, they don't have Power Point, but that's neither here nor there). It's not a huge problem, in the grand scheme of things, but if they'd wanted to see some of the things (movies, videos) that I've posted... they'd have to sit on their hands for a few minutes.

And if any of you know my Dad, in particular... well, he loses interest inside of five seconds. The man has no patience whatsoever.

That might have been what brought this question on... realizing that some of you (especially if you're at work) might not be able to check out what I'm putting on the site. So, what do you think?

Do you like the links or ignore them?


I was about to get snarky about... well, who else would it be about?... but I have decided against it. Something happened this morning that was of little consequence, but that was mildly amusing (to me, anyway).

If you want to know about it, ask me. The password is: "pilgrim."


One of my colleagues at Harmonium has written a nice piece as to why he still buys CDs.

I was thinking of writing a piece in defense of Pearl Jam (horrors!), sometime in the coming weeks/months... maybe we could work "In Defense Of" into a regular feature?


Jill invited me up to NYC for a party on December 10th, the Saturday before the Eagles-Giants game I'll be attending with David Fein.

Ordinarily, I'd be thrilled... but the way she described the party sounded suspiciously like one of those parties you only hear rumors and whispers about. Those parties that have their own websites. With lots of... um... pictures.

Oh, hell. I'm gonna go, damnit. It's been too long since I've seen Jill.


Tonight's episode of Lost promises to be particularly great. With any luck, I'll be making homemade pizza and watching with a friend.


Have a great day...


Holly said...

Dave - I can;t believe your coming to NY and you haven't emailed me yet ! My sister didn't tell me even ! And what the hell party is this that has pictures posted on the internet ?
I like the links anyway. My personal fav's have been the robot sex picture and the dancing doughboy

You better make sure we hang out when you;re here !!

David said...

That's because your sister is lame.

Lame, I say!

You know we're gonna hang out, Holly... just make sure that that British guy doesn't get in my way, or... or... well, I don't know what I'll do. But you can bet it will be something.

jed said...

Lost, eh? Does this mean you're all caught up? And I admittedly visit
via Blackberry on my morning commute (shame, shame, I
know...but I only browse at stoplights, I promise), so I rarely get to
enjoy your links unless I happen to check back when I have a free moment
at my desk. Don't change though, babe...I love you just the way you are.

Oh, and say hi to Jill for me, and tell her there's no rush, but I'm
looking forward to seeing her write.

Anonymous said...

I like the links, I like the personal ramblings - keep doing both, whichever your schedule allow on any given day. Pilgrim. KWYJIBO.