Saturday, November 05, 2005


An exercise... my favorite R.E.M. songs, but only one song allowed from each album.

In order, then, with no hemming and/or hawing permitted:

1. Perfect Circle
2. World Leader Pretend
3. 7 Chinese Brothers
4. Sweetness Follows
5. Gardening at Night
6. These Days
7. King of Birds
8. Half a World Away
9. Life and How to Live It
10. Romance
11. I'll Take the Rain
12. The Great Beyond
13. Let Me In
14. New Test Leper
15. You’re in the Air
16. Boy in the Well
17. Voice of Harold

Fave covers:
1. Strange (Wire)
2. The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
3. Draggin’ the Line (Tommy James)

My list came from... I don't know where. Just got the urge to do it. But after getting curious, and googling a thing or two, I discovered that I'm hardly the only R.E.M. nerd out there. Far from it.

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