Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Aftermath

First of all, a moment of silence-- two moments-- for Mr. Miyagi and George Best.

This world will never be the same, ever again.


And an Indian tear for the completely predictable split of Nick and Jessica. I hope... eh. You know what? I don't have an opinion.

Never mind.


Thanksgiving was great-- really great-- for the first time in years. I picked Michelle and Mike up at the airport, and Michelle... she just looked beautiful. As in, completely radiant. As in, in retrospect, I'm shocked that I didn't just break down in the middle of the baggage claim area.

I'm so happy for the two of them.

Mike looked good, too, and it was great to see him for the first time in awhile-- but Mike's Mike. I'm not about to cry over how good he looks. No offense.

Anyway, our trip went well-- we had to pull off to the side of the road once or twice, but by and large, Michelle held up like a champ, given all the stop-and-go traffic. Everything got better once she got behind the wheel-- I think it made her nausea go away to be in the driver's seat, which was, of course, fine by me.


By the time we got to Philly, it was almost time for turkey-- like many of you, our Thanksgiving dinner is closer to 3pm/4pm than it is to 6pm/7pm... so by the time we'd eaten, we were ready for the night to begin.

Around 5pm or so, the Radbills came over-- though none of the kids could make it this year, unfortunatey-- and then Ilise followed soon thereafter, and... well, I put on a show. Something different this year, that allowed me to be as obnoxious, as loud, as funny (debatable) as I wanted to be... and I kinda went with it.

It's good to be free, you know?

And that freedom, needless to say, was the topic du jour. Once everyone saw that I was doing OK... the long-suppressed comments?

Yeah, I heard a few of 'em. You can imagine.


After embarrassing myself, I went back to Ilise's to see her family, and wound up bonding with Don. Funny, funny guy. I think I might have agreed to go to visit him in Amsterdam, though that might not be a good idea for either of us-- I'd drive him absolutely nuts, and in no time. I'd have to make it on my own.

How does one make money in Amsterdam? Anyone have any ideas?


I got to see Joe and Fran, and much of the Marrazzo family, though sadly, much of the extended family had already left. Paul was in his element, watching the Broncos beat the Cowboys (thank you), so we didn't speak all that much... but I did have some time to catch up with Josh, who seemed to be in very good spirits.

Regardless of who I spoke to, being over at Ilise's-- with her family-- it was just like old times.

In the best possible way.


I have no idea what I'll be doing today, apart from telling my Dad for the fourteenth time how a cameraphone works... and as I really have no desire to go shopping, I suppose I'll have to be content to sit tight and enjoy one of the better sports days of the year. Tons on the tube.

Which, in a way, will allow me to bond with Andy-- as, if I had to guess- he's probably doing the exact same thing this afternoon with his family down in NC.


Tomorrow morning we have to travel to NYC for a Bar Mitzvah. Leaving by 8am or so, five of us in a cramped car, having to wear a suit on the way up and back, hanging with the extended family and wishing they had nametags on, inevitably having to explain The Situation a few times...

I'm hoping for the best, and I'm sure it will be great once I get there... but right now, honestly? I wish I could just sleep in, instead.

I guess that makes me a bad person, huh?


Congratulations, Libby. Can I get some pictures, now? Please? ;)

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RN2B said...

Don said if you ever want to switch teams to let him know - he thinks you'd hit it off wonderfully!