Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Today's Personalized Tantric Extrasensory Astrology Ouija Board Reading

Sorry that I didn't post much of anything, yesterday. I was still too numb (and too tired, for that matter) from the game the night before. As you might imagine... there are no words to describe how empty I felt, watching the end of that game. While I'm usually not one to believe in curses, hoaxes or jinxes... someone give me a better explanation. How does that-- how does any of that happen?

At home? In a must win game? On Monday Night Football, in front of a national audience watching? A game that we are dominating? AGAINST THE GODDAMNED COWBOYS???

Ah, well.

Nothing this year has gone right for the Eagles. This season was never meant to be. Curse on not, I just have to accept it, I guess.


Not much else to tell-- things have been "slow" on several fronts (though the week seems to be moving forward nicely). And when I say "things," I mean my contractor. He continues to confound, showing up when he wants to, deliberately misinterpreting my basic requests, being annoying on several different fronts... the guy is trouble with a capital "T." I'd go into it, but it would only result in an even MORE boring and frustrating post for you to read.

And, quite frankly, I care about you too much to put you through that.

You know, I'd had such good luck with contractors in the past...

I guess this is some sort of cosmic balancing going on. Karma, and what-not.


That's two quasi-mystic posts in a row. Thank God I've never been into... oh, I don't know, meditation or anything like that.



Speaking of which... I never heard back from Marissa.

Ordinarily, I'd be slightly upset... but as I've done the same to others, once again, what comes around goes around. I can't whinge about it, as, well, I'm just as guilty of doing it to others.

The only difference is that in my instance, I was ignoring a crazy Croat. Or something like that. Marissa is ignoring a fine, upstanding individual.



Work continues to be busy, but solid. I've been working with our company president on another pitch, completely different from the main project for him that I've been telling some of you about, and... he seems to be pleased with the results we've been able to get for him to this point.

Let's hope I can keep him satisfied.

Wait, what?


More later. Once I have stories to tell, I promise I will.

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