Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm Missing the Bitch Already

I did not think I'd be getting sentimental.

I thought I was hardened... or, at least, practical enough not to care about this all that much, as it really doesn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things, especially given everything else that is going on.

But I'll be damned if I'm not misting up every time I look at Venus this week. She'll be leaving the happy home on Saturday morning-- most likely, very early. And there's a chance I'll be staying in the city on Friday night with my cousin, anyway.

So (I'll do the math for you)... I have less than 48 hours left to spend with the pooch.


As you may know, she's leaving for good because... well, that's the way we settled things. But mostly, she's leaving this early because we're having the house recarpeted before we sell it.

And Venus sheds like it's going out of style.

So, as Abby goes up North for Christmas with her parents... she'll be bringing Venus and leaving her there, until she gets her own situation sussed. So that the house is in pristine condition (or close to it) when we put it on the market.



She keeps looking at me, like she knows.

And every night, or just about, over the past several weeks in particular, she's been sleeping upstairs, at the foot of my bed... or greeting me at the door when I get home from a night out, as though she's missed me.

That's when she's not coming up from behind me, burrowing her nose under my right elbow, and lifting my arm as I'm trying to work...


I don't know. I really, really didn't think I'd care this much. And I know I'll get over it, sooner rather than later.

But truth be told... it's going to be a difficult couple of days... both before and after she leaves.

I'm really gonna miss this bitch.


Maybe I should buy something, to keep my mind off of all this?

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Jill said...

Dave, that made ME mist up. :( Well, hope it goes okay. Can I interest you in a nice Hrubecky kitty?