Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Lazy Sunday" Backlash?

No, not yet. It's still pretty damned funny (and available for free at iTunes, if you still haven't seen it).

But you can stop sending it to me. I've got it. I've seen it.



Perhaps it's that attitude that cost me my relationship with Michelle last night?

No, not really. We'd only gone out a few times, anyway... so calling it a "relationship" is ridiculous.

Though it was clear that we got along well enough... I don't know that there was any spark there. And we both knew it.

She said it first, so I guess she gets the "credit" for the break-up. Though in my defense, as I'd told several of you... I didn't have high hopes from the beginning. Nice girl, but she was constantly busy, or on the road, or doing something or other... It wouldn't have worked, even if I lived next door to her.

Though that would have made the whole stalking thing much easier. ;)

Oh, well. Onwards and upwards. At least we got a nice meal or two out of it.


Abby gets back today, so I suppose as one woman leaves my life, another enters.



The only other thing I've been doing over the past few days has been filling up my iPod, as the Ithaca trip gets closer and closer.

And let's just say that I'm very glad I got the 60GB. After having put my entire iTunes library on the iPod, I'm going back through my shelf to make sure everything I want to be on there is.

It's not. Not yet.

I'm only up to Depeche Mode, and I've got about 15MB on there already.



Cannot WAIT to get to Ithaca, by the way. I wish that I could bring you all with me... but then you guys probably all like... warmth. And sun. And clear skies.



Finally, for those of you glutton for punishment (and hell, you've made it down this far), my year-end mini-review of Picaresque is up. Enjoy.

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