Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Milhouse / Trivia / 800+

Today is one of my glasses days. I am NOT happy about this.

I wonder if my optometrist isn't just playing a cruel joke on me, making me wear these horrible Coke-bottled things, and simply saying that my eyes need the rest?

God. I look like Milhouse.

Anyway. The glasses give me a headache, and worse, they don't even come close to fitting... I'd be better off going blind for the day.

If I weren't so busy.

As you can tell.


My last conference call yesterday afternoon was with my Director, Liz... and while she was very, very encouraging concerning LexSpeak's development (this is the product I gave the presentation on, a week or two ago)... she let me know that there's still a lot of things that need to be done before this bird can fly.

None of them anyone's fault... just a lot of administrative/sales/marketing-type stuff, that many of us will have to do together over the next several weeks or so.

Thank God for her... she's just a tremendous help/leader/boss, in every sense of the word.


Last night was trivia night. Jay hooked me up, and we met up with Benton's old friend Dan and his co-worker Dave.

Good times.

Our team's name was "Jo Jo Dancer, Your Grave Is Calling," which I evidently found a lot funnier than the crowd at large-- who either didn't get it or didn't want to. Whatever. Other team names I think we were considering included "The Smits Stands Alone" and "Nipsey Russell's Dream Team," but no names really lit our ass on fire.

The only other name I heard that really got laughs last night was "Brokeback Bledsoe."

So Dan is our clean-up hitter. In addition to being a pretty funny guy, dude knows his trivia like no other. He's always suggesting that we make it more of a regular occurrence, and now that Monday Night Football is all but gone for the year, it's a possibility. His suggestion of mixing some poker nights in... well, you had me at hello.

Slightly traumatizing was the realization that last night's questions were largely going to be Christmas-related, so I ended up being less than useful.


The team more than covered for my ignorance. Of the three times we've gone-- last night was to Fado in Chinatown, by the way-- we've been in the money each time. And evidently we only placed third last night via tiebreak-- we could have just as easily placed first.

Oh, well... we got a $10 gift certificate, some baby t-shirts, and a plastic Fado cup that says "Who's Your Paddy," dating from last St. Patrick's Day. That's the prize I took home... I left the shirts to the others.


Nothing else to say right now, except a quick mention for those of you who laugh when I do this... you'll all be happy to know that, with the help of two links from major music sites, Harmonium topped 800 hits, just yesterday.

It's our top-20-albums-of-the-year spectacular, people! Get excited!

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