Saturday, December 03, 2005

That's It, That's All, That's All There Is

Which is to say that I have exhausted the ladies from the first speed dating session I went on-- the 8MinuteDating thing.

I have not exhausted them literally, you pervs.

To recap:

*Sushi Panda chick w/ crazy eyeliner (no)
*Mildly crazy Sarajevo chick w/ 3-year old (NO)
*Very friendly meditation chick w/ Kenny Bania (shame, but no)

... and Ellen. Whom I just "broke up with" a few minutes ago, if you can call it that.

She couldn't have been more understanding, actually... I think she understood that, due to a combination of my situation at home and some areas where we just didn't mesh (she told me she's never been in a long-term relationship, for instance), it probably wouldn't have worked.

Not that every woman I date from here on out has to be a long-term prospect, per se... but if not, there has to be something else there, you know?

It's a shame... she was very sweet, and we got on very well. But perhaps "sweet" isn't what I'm in the mood for right now.

Maybe it is. What do I know?


Last night's date, my first in some time with a Jewess (that's for you, Steph)... it never happened, actually.

I took the Metro into the city, to meet Amy at this bar called Karma. I got there on time (shock), looked around, waited... but no sign of Amy (which was a concern, as the last time I saw her was a month ago, so who knows WHAT she looks like?). So I give her a call... and it turns out she's stuck in horrible traffic, coming from Fairfax into DC. She's barely into Falls Church at this point.

So we decided to reschedule, and scrap the night entirely... I think we'll be catching a movie and a bite to eat, one of these days.

The ride home would have been a let-down, but Amy was really sweet (damn, there's that word again) and very apologetic... I knew it was absolutely nothing personal.

Last night-- once I got home-- was fully and completely redeemed by some great sushi, some great wine, and some great conversation (per usual) with Steph.

What else could a guy want (don't answer that)?


Even though much of the above sounds vaguely negative... it's all good. I'm in good spirits, and though I have no idea what I'm doing for the rest of this weekend... well, that's OK.

Know why?

The f'g bathroom is finally finished! And the guy really redeemed himself in the last few days, with much retouching, much correction and fixing of things he did half-assedly in previous days and weeks, and even a fix of our front door and storm door-- which we had not asked for, and for which he charged us nothing.

All's well that ends well. Or something like that.


Abbreviated Mailbag is better than no Mailbag at all, I guess. Still some killer stuff to be found. Feel free to post your favorites.


Coolest cab ride, ever. This is not up for debate.

More later, kids.


Emily said...

Just checking out blogs and found yours. Very entertaining. I am tired after just reading about your dating life. Thanks for the laugh!! :)

CA said...


Karma is literally 2 blocks from my office, dillweed. I would have come over and helped to drown your sorrows. Or something.