Thursday, January 12, 2006

About Last Night

Sorry if I wasn't picking up the phone... the workday left me a bit shellshocked.

Threw a Tombstone in the oven, had a beer, and watched the always-great Lost.

And that was it.

Apparently Abby wanted to talk to me at some point... I told her "just a second" and promptly left her standing outside the bedroom door for five minutes, waiting, before she finally realized I wasn't talking, and walked away.

I don't remember any of this, and even in the worst of moods, I wouldn't have done that to her intentionally.

Though I guess I did.


The job, the house going on the market, the divorce, the having to find a new place, the having to get new insurance/benefits/financial this-and-thats in a few months (if not sooner), my overall fitness (or lack thereof)... it's starting to weigh on me, more than it has previously.

I don't mean to worry you... but it's better to let it out even this little bit than to keep it inside, right?

I wonder if this won't be the week that I look back upon, months from now, and wonder "how in the fuck did I ever get past that???"


It is 7:30am, and I already want a beer.


This is just a phase.

Just a phase.

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