Friday, January 20, 2006

Back by Popular Demand

You know, you give, and you give, and you give... and some people still want more.

I now have two new pieces up at Harmonium (I'll stop mentioning it soon enough), and yet... some people still want more.


The only reason I haven't been here much this week is that the past few days have consisted of the following:

cold/flu/leprosy (hard to tell)
vitamin c, centrum and other pill-like thingys
sore throat
wonton soup
leaving "work" early
watching Hustle & Flow with my eyes half-sealed
going to bed at 8pm to compensate

So lay off, yo. I might be on the road to recovery, or... this might just be the beginning. I only get one cold a year, typically, but they do tend to last a bit. Let's hope that's not the case, this time.


I'll take your requests/complaints as a compliment, though... and as such, perhaps I owe you some goodies.

Go over to You Ain't No Picasso for two posts on Colin Meloy... one that has a .zip of the entire KEXP show from Wednesday, and a more recent one with some additional tunes from the opening night of his show.

Jed caught him in Portland last night, and it goes without saying that he loved what he saw.

Gotta get out to Portland. One of these days.


Head here for the best interview with Stuart Murdoch that I've ever read. Now, granted, I never read "Just a Modern Rock Band," or whatever it's called, but... I learned a few things here.

Rock stars-- is there anything they don't know?


My parents are heading out on another trip today. This time, a week in Arizona, playing golf and lounging with old friends.

I'd be jealous, but I will instead choose to look forward to my time spent in the desert, later this year, with even more of my closest friends.

I hope that you will join me, as we go to Coachella 2006.

Tickets on sale on Saturday, February 4.

Look at that (tentative) line-up... As a great philosopher once said, "sweet merciful crap"! Maybe these guys will even show up!


That's two references, if you're counting. Unintentional... but still.


Have a minute to kill?

Do you love Ray Parker, Jr.?

Then maybe you'd like to check this out.


the arcade fire - age of consent (new order cover)
colin meloy - devil's elbow
marah - freedom park
a tribe called quest - i left my wallet in el segundo (vampire mix)
the long winters - ultimatum


cubbie said...

As it is my job to ruin any and all fabulous weekend long concerts that you are dying to attend, I will remind you that your nephew is due to arrive right around that weekend. But its not like you have to push the kid out or anything, so please go to your little concert in the desert and get wrecked. I'm sure the parental units will track you down one way or another.

Much love...the evil little sister

David said...

If it weren't for you and your... your... *graduations*, I'd likely still be living in the UK.


So, the way I figure it, you owe me one... Stewie or not.

If you need me, I'll be baking in the desert.

Take that how you will.