Friday, January 27, 2006


Harmonium doesn't pay the bills, but it does pay for concert tickets.

Thanks to Jedediah, I'll be seeing the Stars/Magnet show gratis next month at the Black Cat. In return for a review, of course. Either way-- woo hoo!

So who is Magnet? He's a Norwegian surrealist folkie, of course.


From his (Magnet is basically one guy) bio:

"NME has likened Magnet to artists Tim Buckley and Coldplay, and others have placed him in the ranks of such names as Johnny Cash, Elliott Smith, Beck, and the Doves. Indeed, these comparisons have not been made in vain."

Let's hope not. We really like those guys.


I've enjoyed what little Magnet I've heard so far... so I have high hopes, despite the Norway-ity of it all.

But I'm super-excited to see Stars, the recent objects of my iInfatuation. You remember, all those posts about "Your Ex-Lover is Dead"? The endless rambling?

Steph, Stars was the band I played for you at Buttermilk Falls. You really liked them.




Speaking of bands that no one here knows about, but should... Destroyer. This is Dan Bejar's other project (one of 42, for all I know). He's one of the chief poo-bahs in everybody's (top 5) favorite collective, the New Pornographers.


I recently listened to his new album, Destroyer's Rubies, and while it might not be for everyone... it sure should be.

Rubies is genius. And given the fanboys' collective excitement... it might have the staying power to make 2006 year-end lists.

We'll see. But it really is worth seeking out. If you need help with all the big words (and there are many), you can go here.


Final pre-weekend note.

You can scream all you want, Apple nerds. This man is as close to God as we simple humans get.


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