Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen


I am feeling better now. The parties, guilty and innocent, had a conference call. And while no apologies were made... a productive conversation was had.

So we can move on. Which is effectively as good as an apology.

And that's one to grow on.


On a different note, the yuppie/yindie/yupster tastemakers...


Have fun perusing their nominations for best album of the past year (that sold less than 500,000 copies, that is). Lots of fun hyperclickitude.


OK, because you asked. My top 5 from that list would be...

5. Thunder, Lightning, Strike (The Go! Team)
4. Gimme Fiction (Spoon)
3. Z (My Morning Jacket)
2. Picaresque (The Decemberists)
1. Funeral (The Arcade Fire)


Know what I'm noticing on the blogs?

Less music, and more comedy.

If you've tired of the Comedians of Comedy, if you know every David Cross bit by heart... perhaps you should try Eugene Mirman? Aziz Ansari?

Meh. You probably have their stuff memorized, too.


giant drag - slayer
silver jews - train across the sea
beck - parasite (nick drake cover)
the boy least likely to - be gentle with me
rilo kiley - let my love open the door (pete townshend cover)

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