Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Matt Roush, Jr.

So, if it isn't too late to let you know about this... Colin Meloy's going to be doing a live set on KEXP this afternoon at 6pm EST. You can listen live online. Should be super-groovy.

He'll probably play some new Decemberists tunes, perhaps some Tarkio... maybe even a Shirley Collins cover???




Did they actually name a show Love Monkey?

Love Monkey?!?

I mean, I know it's Ed and all, and the show seems to be going for a slightly High Fidelity-type of thing (Nic Harcourt is doing the playlisting, if you know who he is), but...


I will simply not watch a show called Love Monkey.


That being said, I watched a movie called The Chumscrubber the other night.

And it was pretty good.

If you liked Donnie Darko, chances are you'd like this. The less you know about it, the better... but I can tell you that like Donnie Darko, it has a pretty impressive cast.

Given the name of the damned thing.

And like that movie... it's pretty f'n weird.


Watched a few minutes of American Idol last night; hated myself for doing so.

Watched none of 24; felt OK about it.

Will watch Lost tonight; will enjoy, mos def.


Seems like I've been calling a number of you, lately, only to find you out. Voicemail city.

Well, guess what! Since you were soooooo busy that you couldn't pick up your phone when I called?

Now I've got a sore throat!

So I won't be talking to you! How's about them apples?



I have not been drinking, by the way.


The work week has been going OK, so far. Thanks for asking. Let's hope things continue.


As I said the other day, be on the lookout for my Marah review on Harmonium, possibly tomarah (ha), as well as a possible blurb on the new Flaming Lips single that, despite the fanboys yells to the contrary, is pretty underwhelming.


Jay-- hope your presentation went well. I had my fingers crossed for you the whole time.

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