Friday, January 13, 2006

Morning Ritual

This morning's been a good one.

I've been trying some new morning rituals... mostly centered around having a better breakfast, but with a few other things mixed in... and things seem to be working. Easy to incorporate, easy to enjoy.

There's no need, after all, for me to be sitting at my computer before 7am when no one else at my company is "in" until 8/9am.

Half the time I'm just writing here, anyway... which (no offense) I can do any time. It doesn't need to be before dawn.


A few priorities get shifted around, and... maybe I can improve my life a little bit. Mix in a daily walk, a few other things.

Why haven't I done this before?


And then I came here, sat down, and found that I'd received an email-- wedding pictures from Libby.

You really should see them.



It's time for some random links.

Change the subject, change the subject, get some air.


How's about glow-in-the-dark pigs?


This has been floating around for some time, but I don't think I've ever posted it here.

As Steph noted, it's great for when you have a conference call.

So use your mouse, click and drag, and give W. a fling. Make sure you try to injure him when you do this... It's more enjoyable that way.


This is what South by Southwest looks like, so far.

Remember-- this is the early list.

Now, I'm not much of a fan of Texas... but if any of you are interested... give me a holler.


Speaking of music... wouldn't you know that for all my nattering on and on about the Belle & Sebastian/New Pornos shows... I slept on actually purchasing tickets?

And of course, they sold out both shows at the 9:30 Club, almost immediately.


Oh well-- at least I've seen B&S once before. And at $35/40 per ticket... well, I can treat myself to a nice filet that night, instead.


Anonymous said...

Libby??? Who's Libby??? Not mentioned that name before.

David said...

Who's asking?