Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nobody's Home, So Nobody Minds

Not seeing them tonight... but I am seeing Marah at IOTA. Very psyched.

Kudos to Jay for bringing the show to my attention and passing along the invite. Strangely enough, Marah had been on my mind as of late, as one of those bands I've largely missed but knew I shouldn't have (must have heard them on my trip to Ithaca or something). If you've never heard them... they sound like early Springsteen mixed with early period (drunk, shambling) Replacements. You can divide by two, if you want.

Oh, and they're from Philly, so that makes them extra-special.

Really looking forward to a great show.


Last night was a good time, in the main because it was spent out of the house. I had a nice dinner with Lexie, followed by an early night to bed.

At least, that was the plan, until Chris called me on my way home from dinner, and talked me into an evening of beer and Family Guy episodes.

We only watched seven of them in a row.

What, you wanna fight about it?

Strangely enough, the best part of the night may have been reminiscing with Chris about the glory days of the 80s Bruins/Flyers and Celtics/Sixers matchups.



Stewie popping a blood vessel was the scene that got the most laughs last night, for the record.


So, what is arguably the best NFL weekend of the year is here, and... yeah. I couldn't give a shit about any of the four games.

Maybe the Redskins game, just because I live here, and people care.

And maybe the Patsies later on tonight, because it could be an interesting matchup. But really... I don't give a whit.

Does that make me an NFL frontrunner, or some kind of fraud? That I can't get up for the games unless the Birds are in the mix?

Well, it's been that kind of season. All the NFL energy and love was taken from me months ago.

And I've got nothing left to give.

Apparently, I'm not the only one. Hell, even Chris barely knew the day and time that the Pats were playing, when I asked him earlier in the week.

Although that's probably attributable to the ennui that sets in after your team has won more Super Bowls trophies than they can carry at one time.



Nothing else to report, save for a sighting of my old neighbor Joan this morning... some of you might remember that she moved to Florida about two years ago now (wow) to head up an Air Force base.

Well, she was in town for a speech she was giving, and...

It's always nice seeing old friends.


Open House tomorrow, 1-4pm. You're more than welcome to come by... though I warn you that I won't be anywhere close.

I don't know where I'll be, incidentally. But perching in a window across the street, binoculars strapped to my face, cheering as people drive by and check the place out... not my style.

That being said... you should really come over.

It's a great place, you know. And an absolute steal, if I do say so myself.

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