Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not Going to Coachella, After All

Bastards have changed the lineup.


On a different note, why does this this crack me up, every time?


Harmonium is doing well enough (about 150 unique visitors a day check the site, on average-- thanks for asking) that:

(a) our editor-in-chief actually has plans for months from now (goodness!); and
(b) we were offered free tix for a review of a Sigur Ros show. This is easily the biggest artist we've snagged yet, so... that's a good sign.


(a) Sigur Ros won't be coming back to DC for this leg of the tour; and
(b) The free ticket(s) were snapped up almost immediately by another staff member.

Which makes Ryan a bastard.


My massage last night was splendiferous.

180 degrees removed from my last one, though. While the first gal (!) was slow and easygoing, with more of an emphasis on relaxation and... um... not much of anything terribly noteworthy, however nice it felt?

Last night's lady (Crystal) worked the shit out of my back. She really applied a lot of pressure, and (this was obvious) knew what she was doing as she worked. I'm definitely feeling a bit looser this morning... which is clearly a good thing.

She deemed me a "6 or 7" on the tension scale, as compared to her other patients... so take that for what you will. What I took from it was that I was in a bit of almost-pain at times, from the way she was working my muscles... but it was good.

Not in that way, sicko.

If I'm feeling OK in the next few days, I'll probably start seeing her on a monthly basis.

So worth it.


That sounded questionable... didn't it. Eh, too bad. It's my life. I welcome your ridicule.

(be kind)


cubbie said...

Who changes the lineup that dramtically? Yea, like anyone would pay to see a drugged out Whitney Houston play? Although that could be entertaing, I wouldn't pay for it!

Sorry it didn't work out. I'm sad for you!

David said...

No one changes the lineup that dramatically, Mich. It's just a joke... the real roster hasn't been released, yet.


cubbie said...

I'm just so caught up in my work that I failed to see the joke. No. Wait. I'm just that gulliable!

Glad to hear the jokes on me!