Sunday, January 29, 2006


I feel like I have so many other things that I need to be doing right now, as opposed to writing.

Oh, well.

This always clears my head, so... just a quickie. What can it hurt?


Hope your weekend has been a fun one. Mine has been pretty good, so far. Yesterday was a strange (but good) combination of:

1) apartment hunting (didn't find much that impressed me),
2) movie watching (The Aristocrats turned out to be pretty disappointing),
3) Colin Meloy-concert attending (always good, of course), and
4) boxing... er... watching (Arturo Gatti is getting old).


If that didn't sound great? I understand. It reads boring. But trust me-- I enjoyed myself.


So, as I was saying, today is supposed to be a Jaffe/work-centered day... but that hasn't happened, yet. Too busy doing other things.

I'll have to work this afternoon, after I get back from lunch with Jay and Jenna.



Are the Wing Bowl contestants... weak?


I've been thinking a little bit about adding more to this site in the way of political talk, sports talk, religious talk... something.


But who wants to hear my sermons? As Jeff said to me last night, after I made a worthless observation in the middle of the Gatti bout-- and I'm paraphrasing, here-- "yeah... cause you're such a fucking genius."

Apart from the obvious anti-Semetic overtones that I sense from Jeff in that instance and all too often, what he was trying to tell me was this: never try to talk boxing with someone who knows more about boxing than you do.

And never argue with a Sicilian. Or something like that. Because if he happens to be tactless... and Jeff is nothing, if not tactless... he'll call you out on it, in front of your friends, scarring you for life.

You big jerk. I never want to talk to you again.


Do I even have to say that I'm kidding?

Do I really need to say it?


Didn't think so.


What was the point I was trying to make, there?

Big shiny dime goes to whoever can tell me. ;)

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