Tuesday, January 24, 2006


No links, no stories to tell, no nothing.

Just logging in.


I'm at about 80% right now... I think the worst of my cold is over. Let's hope.

I couldn't have helped my system any by going to the MCI Center last night for the Caps-Bruins game, but it was well worth it. Crazy yelling guy notwithstanding, I had a good time with Chris, Noel, and their friend whose name I am currently forgetting.

My bad, dawg.

Good time, though there were surprisingly few fireworks. I guess it was a Caps gane, though... so what was I expecting?

That said, Ovechkin is the real deal. Even in a pointless evening, he did some amazing things. Chris and I were just stunned, and as was pointed out last night... I think I have the beginnings of a man-crush.


To answer your question, Jeff-- you missed the Abramoff Rag. That's what you missed.


And you missed out on learnng what Dainus Zubrus' (sp?) favorite vegetables and beverages are.


I have a slightly more relaxing evening on tap for tonight-- I'll be trying out a local massage place. I saw it listed in the sports section of the Washington Post. And though not every character in the advertisement was in Engli-

Wait, what?

No, no, no. The place I'm going to is reputable.

Completely reputable.

At least, I think it is...


See what you got me into, Steph? ;)

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