Friday, January 20, 2006


To Penn Jillette's new radio show. I have a feeling that I might be the last man on earth to still find this guy entertaining, but almost everytime that I turn his show on (106.7 from 2-3pm, if you're wondering), I leave it on.

The guy makes me laugh... what's it to you?!?

Stop looking at me like that.


To the band Midlake, who have song called "Roscoe" that is so good that roughly 1,846 of the blogs that I read have posted an MP3 within the past day or two.

It might not be that good, but as one of the (*cough*) authors said... it demands repeated listens. Nice 70s vibe. Dig it at Gorilla Vs. Bear or YANP (or elsewhere, if you want).


To you, for not laughing in my face as I honestly consider going to the desert in April for (what else?) more music.

Coachella beckons, and since I haven't gone before... I'm overdue, you know?


On another note... anybody got sume Tussin?


Anonymous said...

Why do you think you're the last guy to find him funny? It's doing better than David Lee Roth OR Adam Corolla. He's hysterical.

David said...

Eh, just because he's been around so long, I suppose. And because he talks so damned much.

Two of the reasons why people hate Bono, as well.