Friday, January 27, 2006

The Weekend's Here, Have a Can of Beer


Hope the day goes fast for everyone.


Me? I might do some apartment searching this weekend... and on Saturday night, the Colin Meloy show at the Birchmere. Should be great.

But apart from that, the weekend is wide-open.

I take requests.


The past couple of days have been kinda slow. Seems my parents are the ones having all the fun, this week, as they wrap up their tour of Arizona.

Good for them. Even if Dad did erroneously type that he shot a "61" instead of what he meant to say-- a "91." :P


No one is talking about this (maybe because no one in the US knows who in the hell Pete Doherty is)... but Kate Moss' drug sherpa and sometime-rock star achieved an impressive feat the other day.

Wow. Good show, my friend.


And this one goes out to Mike and Steph, in particular: Happy Trogday!

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