Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome Back

First and foremost, I hope that you had a very Happy New Year.

You'll have to tell me all about it. Though the next few nights may be a bit busy. See, we're having our house re-carpeted on Wednesday (or Thursday)... and, before then, we need to move everything around.

And clean. Because our goal (realistic or not) is to try and put the house on the market by next weekend. Not THIS weekend. Next.


Secondly, please say hello to Mike and Steph's old friend, Trogdor. It had been too long since we've seen the Burninator-- or played his video game!


Thirdly, for those of you who think that the South Park guys don't go far enough... click here. And don't say I didn't warn you.



Oh, Blue. Rest in peace, my man.


Ithaca was great-- thanks for asking. And the six-plus hour drive, up and back, was made infinitely better with the iPod. It seemed like an hour trip, as opposed to the day-long sludge that it used to be.

So, hooray for Apple, and thanks again to the parents for the gift.

Once I got into town, Steph, her friend Lisa and I got some coffee and basically gabbed... Steph and I went to her office for a little while, as she had a few things she needed to get done... but Friday was (for the most part) an easy day. Not much on the docket, though we did have a fantastic meal at an Italian place called Za Za's.

And for those of you who'd care-- I learned that Joe's is coming back to Ithaca. New management, perhaps, but good news nevertheless.


On Saturday morning I continued my streak of being completely unable to sleep in, and so I finished George Pelecanos' Drama City. A most excellent quick read. Once the late morning came, I got a dose of Hot Truck, and we went food shopping.

By the way... never go to Wegman's on New Year's Eve. I've never seen a more crowded supermarket. The scene was so tension-inducing that... we both got massages.

Steph already had an appointment... so when it came up that I'd never had one, before, we called the place and realized they had an opening.

I will have many more in the future, with any luck. 'Twas wonderful, if too short at a half-hour. The masseuse told me (shocking, this) that my neck and shoulders were incredibly tense... and that I should seek out someone who specializes in deep-tissue massage once I got home.

With any luck, I will.

After a great Thai stir fry, Steph and I bounced between a few places for New Year's-- Lisa and Will's (where we knocked out a $50 bottle of champagne at an impressive/frightening speed) and Annette and Jim's. Good times.

Low maintenance, which... was for the best.


Sunday was a good bit of relaxing (the whole trip was a good bit of relaxing-- we intentionally scheduled little "stuff" to do)... and some driving to see the sights. I'd never been to Buttermilk Falls... but when I saw them, I wished I lived in Ithaca again.

What else is new? It's beautiful up there!

Much eating, much drinking, much Thai-fooding led to Capote. Which was awesome. As in, possible Best Picture awesome. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is scary-talented.


Hit the road early yesterday (and drove through more rain and fog than I knew existed), and got home in time to see Ohio State lay the wood to Notre Dame. God Bless Troy Smith. Great game-- even if I could barely keep my eyes open from the drive.


More later... work beckons.

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